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Free Contractor Pre-Qualification Checklist Template

Download our free Supplier / Contractor Pre-Qualification Checklist Template:

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Contractor Pre-Qualification ChecklistPurpose of Document

A Contractor Pre-Qualification Checklist serves as a comprehensive tool for assessing and evaluating contractors before they are engaged in a project. This checklist is designed to ensure that contractors meet specific criteria and standards, promoting safety and compliance.

How to Use

Have your suppliers (including subcontractors) fill out this form / checklist and provide you with their relevant documentation (e.g. insurances, certifications, licenses). Some suppliers may need help filling out the form out, and some of the sections may be Not Applicable. This document is a template only and it must be customised for your business. Other aspects that may need to be considered include, but are not limited to, ensuring that:

  • Relevant legal requirements have been met,
  • Workplace specific risks are identified and managed, and
  • Workers are consulted with during the customisation / review process.

When to Use

Use this form prior to engaging a supplier / subcontractor. Its best to have this Contractor Pre-Qualification Checklist completed and all the relevant documentation checked before the contractor completes any work on site.

Who Should Use

This form should be completed by the contractor or supplier, however they may need help from your Safety Advisor, Project Manager or other Manager in your organisation.

Legal Considerations

There is no specific legal requirement to complete a “pre-qualification”. However, it is best practice, especially for larger companies. It can help meet general legal duties, including:


What is the prequalification stage of contractor management?

The prequalification stage is where the client (or head contractor) assesses the potential bidders / contractors against defined criteria. This criteria is generally based on safety, quality and environmental management.

Why is contractor prequalification important?

Contractor prequalification allows the client (or head contractor) to assess potential contractors on the basis of WHS, quality or environmental performance.

What are the disadvantages of prequalification?

Prequalification may delay the selection of contractors, and some contractors may not wish to complete the prequalification process – especially if the process in onerous.

Does prequalification guarantee approval?

Usually, no. Progressing past the prequalification stage only means that the subcontractor has been approved to work, not that the contractor has won any big or tender.

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