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FREE Demolition Saw SOP (Safe Operating Procedure)

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Demo Saw SOP Example

Purpose of Document

Demolition saw SOPs outline a safe operating procedure for demolition saw use. The SOP can also be used as a training and induction document. The primary goal is to protect workers from injury or illness by outlining a safe system of work and providing adequate training and instruction. This form is broadly aligned with AS45001:2018.

How to Use

This Demolition Saw SOP should be communicated to workers before they complete the task. A hard copy can also be displayed in the workplace or provided at the workface. You can also use this document during the induction or onboarding process. This document is a template only and should be customised for your business.

When to Use

Workers should read and agree to comply with the Demolition Saw SOP prior to operation within your business. It can also be used for refresher training periodically.

Who Should Use

Demolition saw SOPs should be developed by a competent person. The SOP is then read and followed by the worker completing the task. New workers should also read and understand the SOPs during the induction or onboarding process.

Legal Considerations

There is no specific legal requirement to have a documented Safe Operating Procedure (SOP). However, it is best practice, as having SOPs can assist in meeting general legal duties, including:

  • s(19)(3)c WHS Act – Duty to Provide Safe Systems of Work
  • s(19)(3)d WHS Act – Duty to Ensure Safe Use of Plant
  • s(19)(3)f WHS Act – Duty to Provide Adequate Information, Training, Instruction and Supervision
  • s(39) WHS Regulations – Duty to Provide Adequate Information, Training, and Instruction
  • s(203) WHS Regulations – Management of Risks to Health and Safety (PCBUs with management or control of plant)

The Code of Practice “Managing risks of plant in the workplace” states that employers (PCBUs) must provide workers with information, training, and instruction as necessary to protect them from risks arising from the use of the plant.


What is a demo saw?

A demolition saw is a high-powered tool equipped with a specialized disc or blade for cutting through hard materials like concrete, asphalt, metal, and stone. It’s built for heavy-duty cutting tasks, typically during demolition or construction work.

What is a demo saw used for?

Demolition saws are utilised for cutting into building structures, removing damaged pavement, making openings for windows or doors, and segmenting metal piping.

What hazards are involved in demo saw use?

Some hazards that are involved in demolition saw use include:

  • Cuts/amputations.
  • Flying debris.
  • Power cord trip hazards.
  • Electric shock.
  • Blade binding or warping dangers.

What are some safety controls that can be utilised during demolition saw use?

Some safety controls that can be utilised include:

  • Securing the area and material.
  • Using correct blades for working materials.
  • Wearing PPE.
  • Ensuring good ventilation.
  • Performing regular tool inspections.
  • Ensuring appropriate stance and grip.

Did you know?

Did you know that the technology behind demolition saws has significantly evolved over the years, greatly enhancing safety and efficiency? Early versions were cumbersome and posed higher risks to operators, but today’s models often feature dust suppression systems, vibration reduction mechanisms, and ergonomic designs to mitigate health risks. Advanced models even include electronic feedback systems to optimize power and performance while cutting through different materials. This evolution reflects ongoing efforts to make construction work safer and more efficient, demonstrating the importance of innovation in tackling the inherent risks of cutting and demolition tasks.

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