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Director Faces $140,000 Fine and 600Hrs Community Service

Director Faces $140,000 Fine and 600Hrs Community ServiceA $2.1 million fine, a record in Victoria, resulted from an incident in a machine shop. An apprentice suffered severe injuries while threading a pipe on a lathe. The company pleaded guilty to reckless conduct, receiving a $2.1 million fine, and its sole director faces a $140,000 fine.

Acknowledging early guilty pleas, the court reduced fines from $2.8 million and $270,000 respectively. The director additionally received a 5-year community corrections order with 600 hours of unpaid work.

This landmark case highlights substantial fines for safety breaches. The court’s decision sets a precedent for enforcing occupational health and safety regulations and holding directors accountable.

Full court summary available here.

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