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Free Risk Assessment Template

Download our free Risk Assessment Template:

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Risk Assessment TemplatePurpose of Document

Risk Assessment templates are used to identify hazards and assess risks within the workplace. The primary goal is to protect workers from injury or illness by facilitating formal hazard identification and risk assessment. This form is broadly aligned with AS45001:2018.

How to Use

Complete the relevant sections of the form, including the site / location and who is completing the relevant risk assessment. Add an overview of the work being conducted / task steps and what hazards and risks exist for these steps. Assess the risks using a risk matrix. This document is a template only and it should be customised for your business.

When to Use

Risk assessments should generally be completed prior to work commencing, or at any time the work requires a documented a risk assessment.

Who Should Use

This form can be completed by your workers, Safety Advisor, Project Manager or other competent person in your organisation.

Legal Considerations

Legally, workplaces (or PCBUs) need to identify hazards and assess risks. It is best practice to document these risk assessments, especially for larger companies. It can help meet general legal duties, including:

  • s(19) WHS Act – Primary Duty of Care
  • s(34) WHS Regulations – Duty to Identify Hazards


What is a risk assessment?

A risk assessment is a systematic process for evaluating potential risks associated with a specific activity or situation. The main steps involve identifying and assessing hazards, determining potential sources and processes causing the risks, and implementing control measures to mitigate those risks.

What is a risk matrix?

A risk matrix is a visual tool used in risk assessment to categorize and prioritize potential risks based on their likelihood and severity.

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