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Manual Handling Training

Our Manual Handling Courses

Manual handling, also called manual tasks, refers to any activity that requires effort to lift, move or pull, push, pull or carry any object. Poor manual handling is one of the most common causes of injury at work. The injuries can be costly and disabling. This course will cover any activity that requires effort, including:

  • What do you do with objects that require effort to lift?
  • Common injuries
  • Manual handling tasks can be planned and performed
  • What is the definition of poor manual handling?
  • Here are some things to watch out for when you perform manual handling tasks
  • How to keep your workplace injury-free
  • Care workers can use push-pull techniques to move.
  • Safe manual handling techniques (including push-pull lift move)
  • Plan and complete tasks that require effort to lift/move.
  • Plan for and safely identify risks

Our courses are designed to give you a deep understanding of manual handling techniques. They also provide the knowledge and management skills required by the new WHS regulations.

The manual handling course is designed to teach participants how to safely perform their jobs to minimize the chance of injury. Participants learn how to safely lift and move materials manually, as well as basic manual handling techniques.

It is important to ensure that workers are properly trained and capable of handling awkward or heavy loads safely in a workplace.

Most workers need to master manual handling. Workers can be safe by learning and practising good manual handling techniques. Employers can manage risks and costs more confidently.

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