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The Simplest and Most Practical WHS Management System

AS/NZS 45001:2018 Compliant Work Health and Safety Management System

Spire Safety has developed Australia’s most user-friendly WHSMS. Made by managers, for managers. Our WHSMS meets the requirements within AS/NZS 45001:2018 and once implemented will allow your organisation to gain ISO Certification.

Health and Safety Management Systems

Management Systems outline how the business manages its responsibilities and document how critical functions are performed, including:

  • Safety policies
  • Risk management processes
  • Training and competency

Management systems can also be written to meet certain standards, demonstrating the organisations commitment to best practice, for example:

Your company can be certified as compliant with the above standards (or others) which demonstrates to clients, suppliers and other stakeholders that your company is performing at a high standard and has a commitment to managing and improving your safety, quality and environmental responsibilities.


Well-documented procedures lay the foundations for effective WHS management

Safe Work Method Statements / Safe Work Procedures

and other work procedures

We work closely with our clients to develop customized and high quality documentation.

From Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) for high-risk construction work to Safe Work Procedures for manufacturing. When it comes to workplace safety documentation, we’ve got you covered!

System & Procedure Development
WHS Policies and Procedures

Organisational Procedures, Registers and Forms

and other safety documentation

Our streamlined process ensures that we deliver high-quality WHS procedures quickly and efficiently. We prioritize open communication and collaboration with our clients to ensure that our procedures accurately reflect your business needs.

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What is a Management System?

ISO Accredited Management Systems

A management system is a set of documented processes and procedures that specifies how the organization manages certain aspects of its work.

In the case of ISO45001/9001/14001, the processes and procedures relate to how the organization manages its safety, quality and environmental performance.

The management system is usually broken into several components including:

  • The Manual – A document outlining the overall management system. Among other things, it includes information on the responsibilities given to different parties, internal auditing processes and how documents are managed/controlled.
  • Policies – A document that states the organisation’s commitment and overall goal or values in relation to a specific process (e.g. Work Health and Safety Policy).
  • Procedures – A document that details how organizational processes are managed (e.g. Working at Heights Procedure).
  • Forms / Registers etc. – A variety of documents that assist in the implementation and record-keeping for the management system (e.g. Workplace Hazard Inspection Form).

We can help with the development and implementation of management systems compliant with ISO4801/45001, ISO9001 and ISO14001 as well as training your staff to give you the knowledge to maintain your accreditations.

ISO Certification is broken into 2 key elements: 

  • The development/implementation, and
  • The audit.

The second stage or “audit” must be conducted by a qualified auditor who is aligned with an accreditation body and authorized to conduct audits on their behalf. The audit is usually broken into multiple stages, for example:

Stage 1 – Pre-Implementation Audit 

At this stage, the auditor will usually spend 1 – 2 days ensuring all systems, procedures and processes are in place and that the organization is geared up for Stage 2 – The implementation Audit

Stage 2 – Implementation Audit 

This audit can be up to 5 days or longer (for triple accreditation) and involves the auditor reviewing the organisation’s documentation, and commitment and determining how the organisation is tracking in the early stages of its ISO implementation.

Stage 3 – Surveillance Audits 

Surveillance Audits are 3 – 5 days in duration and are completed annually until the organisation requires recertification (usually every 3 years). These audits are comprehensive reviews of how well the organisation is meeting the requirements outlined within the standard.

Spire Safety can assist you in finding an auditor, however, at Spire Safety we only offer services for the first key element, and that is the development and implementation. We can help your organisation assess what it needs to meet the relevant standards (sometimes called a gap analysis) and assist in the development and implementation of the relevant processes/procedures.

We offer 3 packages for the development and implementation of ISO accreditation, depending on the level of support your organisation requires.

Integrated Management Systems (IMS)

What is ISO Accreditation?

ISO (international organisation for standardisation) is an international organisation that creates standards for all types of activities from manufacturing to consumer products and of course… management systems! The three main types of ISO Management System Accreditation are:

  • ISO45001 (previously 4801) – Occupational Health and Management Systems
  • ISO9001 – Quality Management Systems
  • ISO14001 – Environmental Management Systems

Accreditation or certification can be undertaken once your organization has implemented management systems in accordance with the above standards.

ISO Accreditation Consultation

We take the hassle out of gaining ISO accreditation

Silver Package

Provides documentation and essential support for your organisation, including:

  • Gap Analysis
  • Documentation Development
  • One ½ Day Training Session
  • Ongoing Phone / Email Support

Gold Package

Provides documentation and additional support for implementation and auditing:

  • All Silver Package inclusions
  • 2 x ½ Day Training / Implementation Sessions
  • Audit Preparation Support

Platinum Package

Provides documentation, full customisation and auditing support, including:

  • All Silver and Gold Inclusions
  • Full Customisation and Integration of ISO System
  • Presence at Certification Audits

We specialise in simple and effective management systems. Made by managers, for managers.


Our management systems are designed with practicality in mind. A system made by experts with front line experience managing busy organizations and projects.

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