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A Comprehensive Guide To Safe Work Method Statements
Safe Work Method Statements (or SWMS) are frontline risk management documents that outline a safe method of work for high-risk construction activities. To download our SWMS template go to our Safe Work Method Statement Template. *For internal use only. Not for resale or redistribution. By downloading, you agree to our Free Resources Licensing Agreement. NOTE: This … Continue reading What is a Safety Management System?
A Short History of Silica and Asbestos
In the 4th century BC (some 2500 years ago) the Greek physician Hippocrates first noted respiratory problems due to dust inhalation i.e., silicosis. In the 1550s, Georgius Agricola, a German scientist and pharmacist, wrote of regions in Europe where men from mining towns were dying from lung-related illnesses at young ages. Women from these villages … Continue reading What is a Safety Management System?
Contractor Management Procedures for the Australian Workplace
The Essence of Contractor Management Oversight and coordination of contractors is vital to ensuring compliance with legal and safety standards. Contractor management details how contractors are: Selected, Monitored, and Managed It encompasses workplace health and safety (WHS), quality, environmental, contract negotiations, performance evaluation, and compliance with Australian laws and standards. In this article we will … Continue reading What is a Safety Management System?
Crystalline Silica and Silicosis - WHS Guide
Crystalline silica (silica) is a component in sand, concrete, stone, and mortar. Its usage varies across multiple products, such as composite stone for fabricating kitchen and bricks, tiles, plastics, and bathroom benchtops. When workers cut, saw, crush, drill, polish, or grind products containing silica, dust particles are tiny enough to lodge deep in the human lungs … Continue reading What is a Safety Management System?
Emergency Response Preparation for Australian Businesses
For Australian businesses, being prepared for the unexpected is not just a good idea – it’s a necessity. Whether it’s a natural disaster, a health crisis, or a security threat, having a robust emergency response plan in place can make all the difference. Key Takeaways: Emergency Response Preparation is an ongoing commitment, emphasizing the need … Continue reading What is a Safety Management System?
Hazardous Chemicals - WHS Guide
Identifying Chemical Hazards There are many different types of chemical dangers, and they all have the potential to harm people or the environment if they get handled inappropriately. Alternatively, it is a real danger posed by a particular chemical, such as the potential for skin burns, long-term health effects, environmental harm, and even flames or … Continue reading What is a Safety Management System?
High Risk Construction Work vs High Risk Work: The Difference
In safety, the term “high risk” is thrown around a lot. In this article we’ll explain what is “high risk” under the Harmonised WHS Regulations and the implications for businesses that conduct these types of work. By knowing the distinction, employers, workers, and safety representatives can ensure compliance with the necessary regulations and implement the appropriate … Continue reading What is a Safety Management System?
How to Conduct a Workplace Incident Investigation in Australia
What is a Workplace Incident Investigation? A workplace incident investigation is essentially a detailed analysis of what happened during an incident and why it occurred so that effective preventative measures can be taken. Incident Report vs Incident Investigation The lines are a little blurry and sometimes the two can sometimes be combined into a one … Continue reading What is a Safety Management System?
ICAM Incident Investigation: A Summary for Newbies
Information on Asbestos Removal QLD
Information and Regulations on Asbestos Removal QLD Regulatory requirements for Asbestos Removal in Queensland Asbestos removal in QLD, Australia is governed by the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 (WHS Regulation). According to this regulation, the following requirements apply: Licensing: Individuals and businesses performing removal of asbestos must be licensed (either Class A or Class … Continue reading What is a Safety Management System?
Integrated Management System for Easy ISO Certification
ISO Certification with An Integrated Management System Are you looking to give your business a competitive edge in the market? Look no further than ISO certification. But what exactly is ISO certification, and why is it important for your business? In this article, we will explore the world of certification and how an IMS can … Continue reading What is a Safety Management System?
Key WHS Requirements for Construction Site Safety
The construction industry is one of Australia’s largest employers, with $360 billion revenue annually (around 9% of GDP) with over 1 million employees! Due to the size of the industry and the high risk nature of many construction tasks, construction workers face many safety hazards and unfortunately there is around one fatality per week throughout Australia in … Continue reading What is a Safety Management System?
Managing Risks of Plant - WHS Guide
What is “plant”? The definition of plant from the WHS regulations includes “machinery, equipment, appliances, containers, implements and tools…”. Some examples could be: Mobile plant (e.g. forklifts) Vehicles Power tools Hand tools that are not powered (e.g. hammers) are not included in this definition. What risks do plant pose? Many types of plant pose serious … Continue reading What is a Safety Management System?
Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace
1 Nurturing a Healthy Work Environment With increasing awareness, the importance of Mental Health practices in the workplace is only growing. In this article, we’ll delve into the critical aspects of fostering a mentally healthy workplace, covering the importance of mental health awareness, staff training in mental health first aid, using support systems and resources, … Continue reading What is a Safety Management System?
Notifiable Incidents in Australia: 4 Things You Need to Know
What is a Notifiable Incident? A notifiable incident is a workplace incident that meets the definition under the Work Health and Safety Act. There are three main categories of notifiable incidents, these are: Death of a person, Serious injury or illness of person, and Potentially dangerous incident The first category is self-explanatory. The second two … Continue reading What is a Safety Management System?
Protecting Your Workers: Essential Office Work Safety Tips
Creating a safe work environment is important for the well-being of your employees and the success of your business. The office is considered to be a safe space, but it’s not free from accidents and injuries. From slips and falls to ergonomic injuries, there are several hazards that can pose a risk to your employees’ … Continue reading What is a Safety Management System?
The Complete Guide to WHS Policies and Procedures in Australia
What are WHS Policies and Procedures? WHS policies and procedures form part of your organization’s WHS framework. They outline your organization’s processes and help guide work within your organization. Policies are usually short documents that contain statements about the organisations overall WHS vision and commitment to workplace safety. Procedures are usually longer documents that outline … Continue reading What is a Safety Management System?
The Importance of WHS Inductions for Employees
When you think of danger, you probably think of a wild bear or a speeding motorcycle. But the dangers in most workplaces are much more mundane: they include things like tripping over a cable, using cleaning chemicals, or injuries from manual handling. If you think that last example isn’t that dangerous, guess again! In fact, … Continue reading What is a Safety Management System?
Understanding Principal Mining Hazard Management Plans
Mining industry safety is of paramount importance, and principal mining hazard management plans play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of mine operators, workers, and the overall mining operation. These management plans are designed to identify, assess, and control principal mining hazards, which are the risks specific to mining activities that have the potential to cause harm, … Continue reading What is a Safety Management System?
What is a Safety Management System?
What is a WHSMS (Work Health and Safety Management System)?
What is ISO 45001 Certification and How Do I Get Certified?
What is ISO 45001? ISO 45001:2018 (or AS/NZS 45001:2018) is the international standard for WHS Management Systems (WHSMS). To learn about WHS Management Systems, check out our detailed guide. A WHSMS is a set of documents which outlines how workplace safety is managed in an organisation. The documents are developed to address the requirements of … Continue reading What is a Safety Management System?
WHS Consultation Requirements in Australia
Work health and safety (WHS) consultation is a vital part of ensuring workplace safety and welfare for workers in Australia. It involves workers and other duty holders in the decision making and risk management process. In this article, we will explore the legal requirements for WHS consultation under the harmonised Act, the role of workers and other … Continue reading What is a Safety Management System?
WHS Leadership Commitment and Its Affect On WHS
WHS leadership commitment is essential to a work health and safety management system because it sets the tone for the organization and demonstrates the importance placed on the health and safety of employees. When leaders are actively engaged and committed to promoting a safe work environment, it creates a culture of safety that is embraced … Continue reading What is a Safety Management System?
WHSMS Implementation Plan: Basics for Beginners
A Workplace Health and Safety Management System WHSMS Implementation Plan is a document that outlines the steps and timeline for implementing a WHS Management System in an organization. A WHSMS Implementation Plan should be specific for the organisation, but may include: Setting goals and objectives Deciding on roles and responsibilities Ensuring adequate resources are available … Continue reading What is a Safety Management System?
Why a WHS Risk Assessment is Important for Your Business
What is a workplace health and safety risk assessment? It’s an evaluation of potential hazards in your workplace that can lead to injury or illness. A risk assessment helps you identify potential risks, and develop solutions to reduce them as much as possible. A WHS risk assessment prompts you to think critically about how your … Continue reading What is a Safety Management System?
Work Health and Safety Definitions
As in each other industry, Work Health and Safety has specific terminology. Below are listed several key and frequently used definitions.
Work Related Deaths Per Year in Australia: Facts and Figures
Work Related Deaths Per Year in Australia In this FAQ article, we will delve into the statistics, causes, and strategies to mitigate work-related fatalities in Australia, shedding light on an issue that demands urgent attention. Statistics are from 2003 – 2022. Statistics on Work-Related Deaths in Australia Work-related fatalities in Australia have seen a positive … Continue reading What is a Safety Management System?
Working at Heights Regulations: Legal Obligations for PCBUs
Working at Heights Regulations Explained Working at heights is a common practice on many work sites. This type of work poses significant risks and working at heights is one of the leading causes of fatalities and serious injuries in Australian workplaces. In this article we aim to explain the working at heights regulations for PCBUs … Continue reading What is a Safety Management System?
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