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WHS Requirements for COVID-19 Management within the Workplace

Safe Work Australia has detailed information and links to state regulatory authorities to guide businesses on how to respond to the risk of COVID-19 transmission within their workplace.

Some business operations are restricted under state or territory government public health directions. If you want to know what restrictions on business operations apply to your workplace please visit your state or territory government website.

Risk Assessments

COVID-19 Risk Assessments are available for a wide array of industries including:

  • Beauty Salons
  • Agriculture, and
  • Building and Construction

Follow the link below for access to these risk assessments

Physical Distancing

A general rule of thumb is to keep workers 1.5m apart where possible. Further information is available at the link below:

Cleaning and Hygiene

Safe Work Australia also has detailed guidance on hygiene and cleaning requirements at the following links:


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