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At Spire Safety Consultants, we take workplace safety very seriously. We’re based in Brisbane and focus on improving health and safety rules for businesses.

Our Brisbane team is experienced in the field of occupational health. This means businesses in the area can trust us to work safely and follow the law. When you choose us, you’re not just ticking off a legal requirement. You’re making a smart choice for the safety and productivity of your team and customers.

Understanding Workplace Health and Safety in Brisbane

We are committed to boosting occupational health and safety in Brisbane at Spire Safety Consultants. Our goal is to protect workers and anyone linked to a Brisbane firm. We see WHS Brisbane as key for a business to do well and be safe for everyone.

Tackling workplace safety in QLD means more than just following rules. It’s about creating a place where all team members feel important and protected. We work with businesses every day to make WHS regulations clear. We provide the OHS training Queensland companies need to go beyond just meeting their legal duties.

  • We make complex laws easy to understand and act on.
  • Build custom plans that match each company’s needs.
  • Provide strong training to improve skills for workers and managers.

Our method makes adding workplace safety QLD rules into daily work smooth and lasting. This leads to long-term gains. It makes places safer and better for work and business growth. Spire Safety Consultants is a top name in WHS Brisbane. We’re improving safety in businesses, one at a time.

“Safety does not happen by accident. We stop risks before they turn into problems. We make sure everyone goes home safe every day.”

Our Comprehensive WHS Services in Brisbane

At Spire Safety Consultants, we focus on making workplaces safer. We do this by offering safety compliance solutions for different industries in Brisbane. We believe in being proactive. That’s why our services tackle workplace risk assessment that Brisbane firms need. We embed workplace hazards prevention and workplace injury management deeply into your company’s culture.

Workplace Audits and Investigations

Our audits start with a detailed check of your workplace systems. We spot discrepancies and areas that can be better. This helps your business not just meet but exceed safety standards.

Workplace Safety Programs for SMEs

Small to medium-sized enterprises have their own needs. We understand this. That’s why we create custom safety programs for them. These programs are practical and fit well with your business size and operations.

Ongoing WHS Management and Compliance Support

We don’t just stop at initial advice. We offer ongoing WHS management and compliance support. This ensures your business stays up-to-date with regulations. With our help, you’ll keep leading in workplace safety standards.

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Ensuring Best Practice in WHS Across All Industries

Spire Safety delivers professional and tailor-made workplace health and safety services for all types of business Australia-wide.

WHS Training Programs for the Modern Workplace

Empower your staff to take charge of workplace safety with our suite of WHS training programs delivered by industry qualified experts.

Specialised Safety Advice for Diverse Clients

No matter the size or type of business, our WHS consultants have the experience and know-how to provide effective solutions that work.

Delivering Innovative Solutions for WHS Compliance

Rest easy knowing that your organisation is meeting its WHS compliance requirements with Spire Safety’s expert safety consultants.

Our Work Health And Safety Services

What is your risk? At Spire Safety we provide the top level of competent and practical safety advice while making the implementation easy.


Legal Compliance Auditing

Helping businesses meet their legal obligations.


WHS Training & Gap Analysis

Finding gaps and providing safety training to personnel


System & Procedure Development

Developing management systems & procedures to manage internal processes

ISO Certification

ISO Certification Services

Become ISO compliant for your business in Australia. Increase your companies reputation nationally and internationally


Other Safety Services & Advice

Miscellaneous safety services and consultation

WHS Training, Courses & Programs For The Australian Workplace

Spire Safety offers a variety of safety and industry courses, these courses are run both for the public and corporate/private clients. Our trainers are qualified and experienced industry experts with the know-how to effectively and safely get the job done.


Non-Accredited WHS Training

Customised training to create a safe work environment.

presentation (1)

Accredited WHS Courses

Workplace training with national accreditation

Workplace Health and Safety Brisbane: Legal and Certification Support

At Spire Safety Consultants, we know that good safety compliance in Brisbane is key to a business’s success. We help you make sense of the complicated WHS legislation in Brisbane. This turns tough legal stuff into plans you can act on. Our advice helps your company follow all health and safety rules and make a safe place for everyone to work.

Getting certified can be detailed and needs careful work. We help companies meet standards like the AS/NZS ISO 45001. This shows they’re serious about health and safety. We don’t just give advice; we also help design WHS systems, write important safety papers, and run detailed workplace health assessments in Brisbane.

Stopping fines for not following rules is about being proactive, not just checking off lists. It’s about building a safety-first culture. This is what makes a strong, rule-following, and successful company.

As they aim for safety greatness, our clients see the real worth of these certificates. They’re not just for meeting laws, but also for building a culture of active safety and constant betterment. Let us guide you through the WHS laws and certifications. We’ll help protect your workers and boost your reputation as a workplace health and safety leader in Brisbane.

The Importance of WHS Training and Development in Brisbane

In Brisbane, we’re keen on strengthening our workforce. We do this through top-notch health and safety training in Brisbane programs at Spire Safety Consultants. We believe learning is just as important as physical safety measures. This is why our WHS training Brisbane courses are vital for following rules and building a safety-first culture.

Customised WHS Training Workshops

Every business is different, especially when it comes to workplace safety training. That’s why we make WHS training workshops that are tailored to your company’s specific risks and challenges in Brisbane. These workshops go beyond just ticking boxes for regulations. They aim to integrate safety deeply into how your company works.

Mental Health and Well-being Training

We don’t just focus on physical safety; we care about mental health too. Our programs highlight how vital mental health is for a safe and efficient workplace. These courses work on building resilience, creating supportive environments, and promoting mental well-being.

Toolbox Talks and Safety Induction Packs

We make sure your team knows about WHS practices from the start. Our toolbox talks and safety induction packs help in teaching WHS basics to everyone. It doesn’t matter if they are new or have been around for a while. These tools help in keeping the workplace safe and free from hazards.

At Spire Safety Consultants, we’re committed to delivering workplace safety courses Brisbane businesses can trust. With our training and resources, we help organisations and their employees contribute to safer work conditions.

Proactive Workplace Hazard and Risk Management

At Spire Safety Consultants, we’re all about making Brisbane workplaces safer. We focus on getting ahead of workplace hazard assessment and risk management. By spotting dangers early, we prevent incidents, protect workers, and help Queensland businesses stay strong.

Comprehensive Risk Assessments

We do thorough risk assessments to support strong safety measures. We check every part of the workplace carefully. This way, we find and judge each hazard. The results help us create tailored strategies for workplace injury prevention in Brisbane. They reduce the chance of harm to both workers and visitors.

Hazardous Conditions Monitoring and Containment

Keeping an eye on and managing hazards is key to stopping workplace incidents. We’re always on the lookout to catch and deal with risks early. Our safety management systems in Brisbane adapt to different workplaces. This shows how well we can keep any work area safe.

Emergency and Demolition Management Plans

We believe being ready is key to staying safe. So, we create solid emergency and demolition plans that are good to go when needed. These plans follow Queensland law and are customized for our clients. This ensures a fast, united response during emergencies.

When something goes wrong, our precise workplace incident report QLD process records every detail accurately. This promotes a clear and responsible workplace culture. With us by your side, you can face future risks confidently, knowing they will be managed well.

Tailored Safety Solutions by Spire Safety Consultants

At Spire Safety Consultants, we understand the need for special workplace safety consulting in Brisbane methods. Every client in Queensland presents different challenges and needs. We promise to deliver solutions that work well and fit smoothly into your company’s routines.

Our skill in safety audits in Brisbane is top-notch, covering all workplace safety and risk aspects. This thorough check highlights areas that can be better and gives your business the tools to improve safety. As a top safety consultant in Brisbane, we do more than just checks. We also create policies and systems just for your business’s needs.

Workplace Health and Safety Brisbane Experts

We know workplace safety QLD laws and rules inside out. Our tailor-made safety plans aim to do more than just meet standards; they exceed them. We pay close attention to details and promote lasting safety habits. This way, our clients can handle current safety issues and prepare for future industry changes.

  • Comprehensive evaluation and analysis during safety audits
  • Custom policy and system development suited to individual business operations
  • Ongoing support and adaptation to evolving workplace safety regulations

Let’s tackle workplace safety together, turning problems into chances to make work safer, healthier, and more efficient.

Occupational Health Services and Workplace Injury Management

At Spire Safety Consultants, we’re fully committed to the occupational health Brisbane firms count on. We focus on stopping workplace injuries and managing them well. This helps keep employees safe and businesses running smoothly.

Incident Investigation and Reporting

Quick and detailed incident investigation is vital. It helps workplace injury prevention Brisbane companies strive for. We aim to find out what occurred and stop it from happening again. Our reports are done swiftly. They meet legal needs and help businesses learn and get better.

WorkCover Claims and Injury Management

If a workplace injury happens, we’re experts in workcover claims management. We handle claim processes carefully and aim for fair results. We support both injured workers and their employers. This ensures a fair and quick resolution for all.

Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordination

Returning to work after an injury is crucial but tough. We offer custom rehab programs and work return coordination. These are part of our WHS training courses Brisbane companies use. Our goal is to smoothly transition back to work, respecting and keeping the affected person’s dignity.

We combine these expert areas to help businesses with their WHS needs right now. We also build a strong base for long-term workplace injury prevention that Brisbane companies can rely on into the future.

Partner with Brisbane’s Leading Safety Consultants at Spire Safety

At Spire Safety Consultants, our expertise in occupational health and safety in Brisbane makes us the top choice for local organisations. Our approach exceeds the norm for workplace safety consultants. We bring a deep understanding and a commitment to being the best.

We know that keeping a workplace safe can be complex. So, we do more than just give advice—we help your team feel confident about managing safety themselves. Our services tackle the unique safety challenges that Brisbane businesses face.

  • Comprehensive workplace safety assessments
  • Strategic occupational health and safety planning
  • Interactive staff training and workshops

As your safety partners in Brisbane, we aim to build a strong safety culture in your organisation. We offer a wide range of tools and knowledge. This helps businesses excel in a world where safety comes first.

“Leveraging our extensive experience, we collaborate with you to raise the standard of workplace safety, weaving it seamlessly into the very fabric of your organisation’s culture.”

Choosing Spire Safety Consultants means you’re picking a partner who truly cares about your safety and success. Let us show you how our expert guidance can create a safer workplace for everyone.

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    Australia, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and various regional locations.

    Contact Spire Safety Consultants for Expert WHS Advice in Brisbane

    In Brisbane’s bustling business world, keeping your team safe is crucial. Spire Safety Consultants stands ready to help businesses shine in workplace health and safety. We offer WHS services in Brisbane for personalized advice to improve your safety plans.

    If you’re looking for a detailed safety audit in Brisbane, we’ve got you covered. Our careful checks will spotlight areas to better and give steps for a stronger safety setup. Our custom workplace safety training also teaches your team how to stay safe and follow rules.

    Contact Spire Safety Consultants when you’re ready to boost your safety game. Call us at 1300 156 382 or email for top-notch safety support. By choosing us, you partner with experts focused on your business’s success and team welfare. We’re excited to help your business grow safely and strong.


    Q: What services do Spire Safety Consultants provide for workplace health and safety in Brisbane?

    A: We offer workplace audits and investigations. We also develop safety programs just for small to medium businesses. Our continuous support helps with WHS management, risk assessments, emergency plans, and training. On top of that, we handle workplace health services and injury management.

    Q: Why is occupational health and safety important for Brisbane businesses?

    A: It’s key to protect employees, customers, and visitors. Occupational health and safety ensure everyone’s well-being and keep businesses legal. It also makes for a safe, efficient work environment, boosting health and productivity.

    Q: How do Spire Safety Consultants assist with legal and certification support in Brisbane?

    A: We help you understand WHS laws and get certifications, like AS/NZS ISO 45001. Our team supports you in creating WHS management systems. We take care of documentation and compliance checks too.

    Q: What types of WHS training and development do you offer?

    A: Our training covers WHS workshops, mental health programs, and safety chats. We also do safety induction for new starters. These trainings are all about improving safety awareness and building a safety-first culture.

    Q: How do Spire Safety Consultants manage workplace hazards and risks?

    A: By doing thorough risk checks, we spot safety threats early on. We keep a close eye on hazards and come up with emergency and risk management plans that fit your specific needs.

    Q: Can Spire Safety Consultants offer tailored safety solutions for my business?

    A: Absolutely, we customize safety solutions to match your business needs. From audits to policy crafting, we ensure safety measures meet your operational requirements. This helps make your workplace safer.

    Q: What does workplace injury management involve at Spire Safety Consultants?

    A: We tackle injury management by looking into incidents and doing detailed reports. Managing WorkCover claims is part of what we do. We also support rehab and help injured staff get back to work, focusing on preventing injuries too.

    Q: How can I partner with Spire Safety Consultants?

    A: Just get in touch to talk about your safety needs. Being Brisbane’s top safety experts, we’re ready to tackle your WHS challenges. We’ll set you up with safety plans that blend into your business’s main goals.

    Q: What should I do to get expert WHS advice for my Brisbane business?

    A: For top WHS advice, call Spire Safety Consultants at 1300 156 382 or shoot us an email at We’ll hook you up with services that fit your business perfectly.

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