Workplace Health and Safety Packages in Australia
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At Spire Safety Consultants, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch WHS packages. These are some of the best in the current market. We understand how workplace safety is constantly changing.

We’re dedicated to giving you strong safety management systems. Our systems use the latest technology. This ensures businesses are leading in keeping their teams safe.

Our occupational health and safety training programs are top-tier. They’re updated to meet Australian workplace laws. They provide everything your company needs to stay safe.

Understanding Australian Workplace Health and Safety Regulations

We are fully committed to improving workplace health and safety. Australia’s laws are changing, and we’re here to help. Our workplace health and safety packages are key for businesses wanting to be top-notch in OHS practices.

The Transition from Occupational Health and Safety to Work Health and Safety

WHS changes mean more than just a new name. They’re about better and unified safety rules. Our OHS packages Australia-wide are designed to give workplaces the best tools and services. They focus on preventing accidents and making it easy to report them.

Incorporating Cloud-Based Health and Safety Systems

We promise to make your business more agile and resilient by using cloud-based systems. These systems offer OHS compliance services that are easy to use. They help you manage risks and keep your employees safe all the time.

The Importance of Compliance with the Work and Health Safety Act, 2011

Following the Work and Health Safety Act, of 2011 is crucial for maintaining a safe workforce. It also helps avoid legal issues. Our occupational health and safety services aim to ensure you meet all legal requirements. We help businesses navigate through complex laws to maintain supreme workplace safety.

Workplace Health and Safety Packages for Diverse Industries

We believe in providing tailored safety solutions specific to each industry’s needs. Our expertise allows us to create customized safety packages for sectors such as manufacturing, construction, and food and beverage. We proudly serve major industry players as professional workplace safety providers.

Our work also benefits the public sector, helping Local Governments in South Australia, Queensland, and Western Australia as well as all other states. Our workplace risk management solutions support not only businesses but also community organizations. We ensure that contractor and volunteer management is safe, compliant, and efficient.

  • Comprehensive risk management for the manufacturing sector
  • Custom safety protocols for the construction industry
  • Dedicated monitoring systems for food and beverage operations
  • Targeted compliance assistance for community services
  • Streamlined contractor management for governmental bodies

We carefully assess each workplace environment before creating our safety packages. This detailed approach means our clients receive systems that reduce risks and improve safety. Our commitment to customization and relevance makes us leaders in workplace health and safety packages in Australia.

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Ensuring Best Practice in WHS Across All Industries

Spire Safety delivers professional and tailor-made workplace health and safety services for all types of businesses Australia-wide.

WHS Training Programs for the Modern Workplace

Empower your staff to take charge of workplace safety with our suite of WHS training programs delivered by industry-qualified experts.

Specialised Safety Advice for Diverse Clients

No matter the size or type of business, our WHS consultants have the experience and know-how to provide effective solutions that work.

Delivering Innovative Solutions for WHS Compliance

Rest easy knowing that your organisation is meeting its WHS compliance requirements with Spire Safety’s expert safety consultants.

Our Work Health And Safety Services

What is your risk? At Spire Safety we provide the top level of competent and practical safety advice while making the implementation easy.


Legal Compliance Auditing

Helping businesses meet their legal obligations.


WHS Training & Gap Analysis

Finding gaps and providing safety training to personnel


System & Procedure Development

Developing management systems & procedures to manage internal processes

ISO Certification

ISO Certification Services

Become ISO compliant for your business in Australia. Increase your companies reputation nationally and internationally


Other Safety Services & Advice

Miscellaneous safety services and consultation

WHS Training, Courses & Programs For The Australian Workplace

Spire Safety offers a variety of safety and industry courses, these courses are run both for the public and corporate/private clients. Our trainers are qualified and experienced industry experts with the know-how to effectively and safely get the job done.


Non-Accredited WHS Training

Customised training to create a safe work environment.

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Accredited WHS Courses

Workplace training with national accreditation

Enhancing Safety Management with Cutting-Edge Features

At Spire Safety Consultants, we focus on hazard identification and risk assessment. We aim for excellence in safety culture development. We provide tools and solutions to keep operations safe. Our use of the latest technology plays a key role in improving workplace safety management.

Incident Reporting and Risk Management

We have a system that makes recording workplace incidents easy. It simplifies what happens after an incident. Our software is top-notch for hazard identification and risk assessment. It enables effective risk management, essential in today’s varied work environments.

Maintenance Scheduling with Plant and Equipment Registers

We know keeping equipment in top shape is crucial. So, we offer scheduling tools through our plant and equipment registers. This helps businesses keep their assets working well and prevent dangerous failures.

Audits and Inspections: Tools for Proactive Safety Checks

Our workplace safety packages include vital workplace safety audits. These are key for deep inspections and constant health and safety improvement. They provide a clear picture of how safe operations are.

Also, our health and safety consultation services help align with international standards. They reinforce a forward-thinking safety culture. With our help, improving your safety processes with advanced technology is straightforward.

Workplace Health and Safety Packages Tailored to Your Business Needs

Spire Safety Consultants offers affordable workplace safety packages that are high in quality. We understand every business has its own set of challenges. So, we offer tailored occupational health and safety training programs. We are dedicated to keeping workplaces in Australia safe.

Customized Safety Solutions by Spire Safety Consultants

We know each business is unique. That’s why our team creates safety solutions that fit your company’s culture and practices. These include workplace safety training programs. They help staff learn how to keep their workplace safe. We work closely with you to ensure our strategies help you meet WHS compliance.

Affordable and Effective Safety Compliance Services

We aim to make safety compliance affordable for all Australian businesses. Our WHS compliance packages are cost-effective yet thorough. This way, workplaces can be safer without spending a lot. We are committed to improving occupational health and safety for all businesses, no matter their budget.

Occupational Health and Safety Training Programs and Support

Education is key, we believe. That’s why we offer occupational health and safety training programs. These programs teach your team important safety skills. We also provide ongoing support. This ensures you get the most out of our workplace safety training programs. Team up with Spire Safety Consultants to meet your legal duties and care for your employees.

Deployment, Training, and Support: Ensuring Successful Implementation

We know that for a safety plan to work well, it needs a good setup, learning, and help. At Spire Safety Consultants, we make sure our Skytrust software fits smoothly into your work. This helps keep your important info safe. Our team takes care to set everything up without messing up your day-to-day tasks.

Learning more as you go helps a lot in sticking to safety rules. That’s why we create special training for your people. We teach them how to use our tools the right way. Our training gives your team the confidence to handle our safety resources.

We really stand by our customers with top-notch support. We know having someone you can count on is big. That’s why we let you try our services for free for three months. This will show you how good our solutions are, with no pressure to start right away. Want to see how our safety programs can help you? Call us at 1300 156 382 or email to find the best plan for your company.

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    Australia, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and various regional locations.


    Q: What are the key features of workplace safety solutions?

    A: Our solutions include incident reporting, risk management, and scheduling for maintenance. They have comprehensive registers for plants and equipment. This software tracks hazards and checks if equipment meets safety standards in real time.

    Tools for audits and inspections are key. They let businesses do self-audits and improve safety continuously.

    Q: How is the transition from OHS to WHS being managed in your packages?

    A: Our packages are in line with the Work and Health Safety Act, 2011. This act makes safety standards uniform across Australia. Our cloud systems offer modern tools for incident reporting. They use WHS terms to ensure everyone understands.

    Q: What industries can benefit from your workplace health and safety packages?

    A: Many sectors benefit from our packages, like manufacturing and construction. Also, food and beverage, community services, and transport. We adapt our solutions for each industry. This makes managing compliance and risk easy, no matter the field.

    Q: Can Spire Safety Consultants help with compliance with safety regulations?

    A: Yes, ensuring compliance with safety laws is our main goal. Our services and packages help businesses meet the Work and Health Safety Act, 2011 demands. We also match our auditing and training to AS/NZS 4801 and ISO 14001 standards. This builds a strong safety culture and helps with following the law.

    Q: Are your safety compliance services affordable for small businesses?

    A: Absolutely. We think all businesses, big or small, should comply with safety laws. That’s why we set fair prices for our solutions. Our packages are affordable and still offer top quality and features. This lets small businesses have professional workplace safety services.

    Q: How do Spire Safety Consultants ensure the successful implementation of the safety packages?

    A: We provide full support, from deploying the packages to offering training. We also have a three-month free trial. With our experienced team, we make sure the switch to our systems is smooth. We help integrate them into your current processes.

    Q: Do you provide training for using your health and safety software?

    A: Yes, providing training for health and safety is a big part of what we offer. We give detailed training to your team. This ensures they’re good at using the software. It lets you get the most out of your new compliance tools.

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