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Free Emergency Drill Form Template

Download our free Emergency Drill Form Template:

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Emergency Drill TemplatePurpose of Document

Emergency Drill forms are used to record the results of an emergency drill (e.g. fire or evacuation). The primary objective is to ensure emergency response measures are effective. This form is broadly aligned with AS/NZS 45001:2018.

How to Use

Choose an emergency response scenario, for example “fire and evacuation”. Initiate the emergency response drill and make notes of the effectiveness of the response. After the drill, go through the form with workers and identify what worked well and what areas need improvement.

NOTE: This document is a template only and it must be customised for your business. Other aspects that may need to be considered include, but are not limited to, ensuring that:

  • Relevant legal requirements have been met,
  • Workplace specific risks are identified and managed, and
  • Workers are consulted with during the customisation / review process.

When to Use

You can decide how often you wish to run emergency drills. Many companies run these drills 6-monthly. You may also wish to run an emergency drill in response to an industry or safety alert.

Who Should Use

This form can be completed by your Safety Advisor, Project Manager or other Manager in your organisation.

Legal Considerations

The WHS Regulations state that emergency response procedures need to be tested. It is best practice, especially for larger companies, to run these drills periodically. It can help meet general legal duties, including:

  • s(19) WHS Act – Primary Duty of Care
  • s(47) WHS Regulations – Duty to Prepare, Maintain and Implement Emergency Response Plan:
    • including subsection b “testing of the emergency procedure”.


What is an Emergency Response Plan?

An emergency plan is a set of instructions designed to guide individuals and organizations on how to respond effectively in emergency situations.

How often should emergency drills / fire drills be conducted?

There is no specified frequency in the legislation, however the emergency response measures should consider:

  • the nature of the work being carried out at the workplace;
    the nature of the hazards at the workplace;
    the size and location of the workplace;
    the number and composition of the workers and other persons at the workplace

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