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Free Disciplinary Policy Template

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Disciplinary policy example

Purpose of a Disciplinary Policy

A Disciplinary Policy outlines the framework and procedures for addressing employee conduct or performance issues. These policies aim to create a safe and healthy working environment by managing the risks associated with under-performance, ensuring the well-being of employees, and minimizing potential hazards.

How to Use

This Disciplinary Policy template should be customised by a competent person, signed by a top-level manager (e.g. the director), and displayed in the workplace or provided by other means (e.g. website). It should also be communicated to new workers as part of their induction or onboarding process.

This document is a template only and it must be customised for your business. Other aspects that need to be considered include ensuring that:

  • Relevant legal requirements have been met,
  • Workplace specific risks are identified and managed, and
  • Workers are consulted with during the customisation / review process.

When to Use

This document should be displayed in a prominent area or uploaded to your website/ centralized document system. You should also use it during employee inductions, and you may wish to refresh your workers on the contents of the policy periodically as part of a safety meeting or refresher training.

Who Should Use

This document should be endorsed with the signature of the appropriate top-level manager (such as a director). It can be used by your Safety Advisor, Project Manager, or other Manager/s to communicate the requirements to workers (including new workers).

Legal Considerations

Generally, under the WHS legislation, there is no specific legal requirement to have or display a Disciplinary Policy. However, it is best practice. It can help meet general legal duties, including:

s(19)(3)a WHS Act – Duty to Provide a Safe Working Environment

Workers also have legal responsibilities, including:

  • s(28) WHS Act – Duty of workers:
  • Taking care of yourself
  • Taking care of others
  • Following procedure
  • Following instruction


What is a Disciplinary Policy?

A disciplinary policy is a set of guidelines established by an organization to address instances of misconduct, poor performance, or breaches of workplace rules and regulations.

Do Disciplinary Policies Apply to Everyone in an Organization?

The disciplinary policy typically applies to all employees within an organization, regardless of their position or role. It may also extend to contractors, volunteers, or other individuals associated with the organization.

What are some common reasons for disciplinary action?

Common WHS reasons for disciplinary action include breaches of WHS regulations, such as failure to follow safety protocols, disregarding personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements, or engaging in behaviors that compromise the safety of oneself or others.

Did you know?

The concept of disciplinary policies dates back to ancient civilizations like the Babylonians and ancient Egyptians, who implemented codes of conduct and consequences for misconduct among their workforces.

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