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FREE Traffic Management Plan Template

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Traffic Management Plan Template

Purpose of a Traffic Management Plan Document

Traffic management plan templates are used to outline the WHS processes for the management of traffic on a work site or facility. The primary goal is to ensure all workers and visitors are protected from illness and injury. This form is broadly aligned with AS45001:2018.

How to Use

You should liaise with competent personnel and workers to develop a comprehensive and site specific traffic management plan.

This document is a template only and it must be customised for your business. Other aspects that may need to be considered include, but are not limited to, ensuring that:

  • Relevant legal requirements have been met,
  • Workplace specific risks are identified and managed, and
  • Workers are consulted with during the customisation / review process.

When to Use

Traffic management plan templates should be used to develop your plan prior to the the site or facility beginning operations. If the site is already operational, the traffic management plan may need to completed ASAP.

Who Should Use

This plan should be developed by your Safety Advisor or other competent person in your organisation.

Legal Considerations

There is no specific legal requirement to complete a Traffic Management Plan. However, it is best practice, especially for larger companies. It can help meet general legal duties, including:

  • s(19)(a) WHS Act – Duty to Provide Safe Work Environment
  • s(19)(b) WHS Act – Duty to Provide Safe Plant and Structures
  • s(19)(c) WHS Act – Duty to Provide Safe Systems of Work
  • s(19)(d) WHS Act – Duty to Provide Safe Use, Handling, and Storage of Plant, Structures and Substances
  • s(203) WHS Regulations – Duty to Management Risks to Health and Safety (PCBUs with management or control of plant)


What is a Traffic Management Plan?

A Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is an essential document designed to ensure the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians within a workplace or site. It encompasses a comprehensive approach to identify potential hazards, assess risks, and implement effective control measures.

Who needs a Traffic Management Plan?

Sites or facilities with traffic that poses a significant risk to health and safety should have a Traffic  Management Plan.

What information should be in a Traffic Management Plan?

The following information should be within the Traffic Management Plan:

  • Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification
  • Control Measures
  • Traffic Flow Management:
  • Temporary Traffic Management
  • Training and Supervision
  • Communication and Consultation
  • Review and Monitoring
  • Traffic Management Signage and Devices
  • Traffic Management for Special Events
  • Traffic Management Costs
  • Submission and Approval Process
  • Responsibilities and Authorities

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