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Enter And Work in Confined Spaces Training

The Enter and Work in Confined Spaces course are aimed at people who enter and/or work in confined spaces. It is also useful for those who have the responsibility of being the “standby person” for confined space entry. It covers planning and preparing for entry of confined spaces and working in confined spaces, as well as exiting confined spaces and cleaning up.

Students will be trained in the practical application of best practice work procedures, as well as the regulatory framework and how it applies to entry and work in confined spaces. Students will learn to:

  • Define and identify different types of confined spaces.
  • Apply confined space entry requirements.
  • Carry out hazard identification, assessment and control.
  • Understand the legislative framework including regulations, code of practice and standards applicable to enter and work in confined spaces.
  • Understand and apply isolation procedures.
  • Understand and apply atmospheric management and monitoring.
  • Carry out purging, ventilation and cleaning requirements.
  • Accurately complete and follow entry permits.
  • Correctly use PPE including respiratory protective equipment, lifelines and harnesses.
  • Understand and apply rescue procedures.
  • Understand and apply the roles and responsibilities of standby personnel.

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