The Best Australian Safety Consultants For The Workplace

Spire Safety Consultants are WHS Officers with high skills and experience who are dedicated to providing top-quality safety and health services at work.

Contact us today to learn how we can make your workplace safer.

We are passionate about making Australian workplaces more secure.

We can help you assess and evaluate your workplace safety and health challenges, and then implement the solutions.

Safety decisions must be made in complex social, psychological, and physical environments.

As you work towards a safety management system that meets all your requirements, is current, compliant and addresses your risks, our Safety Consultants will make sure your workplace has the highest standards in WHS, safety, and wellbeing.

What can our safety consultants do to help?

Spire Safety Consultants has a large network of Safety Consultants who can offer professional advice and guidance to organizations on how to develop, implement and maintain HSE programs that comply with WHS legislation and improve your workplace safety performance.

Safety consultants have extensive experience in identifying, assessing and controlling processes.

Our safety consultants can assist you with some of the most common workplace safety and health issues:

  • Safety Audits
  • Site inspections
  • Contractor Management
  • Safety Gap Analysis
  • Incident Investigations
  • Safety Culture
  • Safety Systems Development
  • Safety inspections for property
  • Noise Management & Testing
  • Safety Training
  • Chain of Responsibility (COR).
  • Workplace Safety COVID-19

Consulting in Workplace Safety & Health Management

Reduce compliance weight and simplify safety

Our goal is to make people and organisations thrive.

This is done by being Safety OHS/ WHS guides and bringing a Safety Differently approach. This combines the best of both old and new thinking to solve Workplace Health and Safety problems.

Our approach is to focus on the good and apply Human Centred Design principles. This means that people who do the work can help solve OHS issues. This is our view of a better way to ensure safety and success for both the organisation as well as its employees.

Our clients benefit from our clear path to impactful safety outcomes, improved commercial realities, improved OHS/WHS performance measures, and new ways to work.

Research is our foundation – Our occupational health and safety consultants have reviewed cutting-edge WHS research over the years to identify which safety management strategies are effective and which are wasteful. All of the OHS consulting we do for you, from policy development and strategic planning to management system design and implementation, coaching and auditing, is based on this research.

Our Experience.

We help organisations become more resilient by testing, checking and enabling them to succeed.

Aged Care – Agriculture – Construction – Education ­ Energy — Engineering FMCG & Government? Manufacturing & Retail Transport & Storage / Waste & Recycling + many other.

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