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WHS Safety Consultancy & Training Programs Maryborough

WHS safety consultants provide expert safety advice and support to businesses to help them comply with Workplace Health and Safety laws and regulations. WHS safety consultants can also provide training on a range of topics, including how to conduct risk assessments, how to implement safe work practices, and how to develop effective health and safety policies.

WHS safety consultants can help your business to create a safer workplace and ensure compliance with state and federal safety laws. Training is an important part of any safety program, and our consultants can provide customised training to suit your needs.

With over 20 years of experience, we’re the leading provider of safety services in Maryborough.

Our Work Health and Safety Services

What is your risk? At Spire Safety we provide the top level of competent and practical safety advice while making the implementation easy.


Legal Compliance Auditing

Helping businesses meet their legal obligations


System & Procedure Development

Developing management systems and procedures to manage internal processes


WHS Training & Gap Analysis

Finding gaps and providing safety training to personnel


Other Safety Services & Advice

Miscellaneous safety services and consultation

WHS Training, Courses & Programs for The Australian Workplace

Spire Safety offers a variety of safety and industry courses, these courses are run both for the public and corporate/private clients. Our trainers are qualified and experienced industry experts with the know-how to effectively and safely get the job done.


Non-Accredited WHS Training

Customised training to create a safe work environment

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Accredited WHS Courses

Workplace training with national accreditation

Experienced and professional advice to guide your work safety journey

Safety is a top priority in any workplace, and WHS consultation can help to ensure that your workplace is safe for employees and visitors.

WHS safety consultants can provide training on a variety of topics, including fire safety, first aid, and evacuation procedures.

They can also help to create a safe work environment by conducting audits and inspections of your workplace.

If you are looking for ways to improve the safety of your workplace, contact a WHS consultation today.

Who are WHS safety consultants?

WHS safety consultants are professionals who help organizations create safe work environments.

They assess risks and develop safety solutions that protect workers from injuries and illnesses.

WHS safety consultants often have backgrounds in occupational safety and health, engineering, or another related field.

They use their knowledge of safety standards and regulations to help organizations create compliant workplace safety programs.

WHS safety consultants also provide training to employees on how to stay safe at work. This training can cover topics such as hazard recognition, proper use of personal protective equipment, and emergency procedures. By educating workers on how to stay safe, WHS safety consultants can help prevent accidents and injuries from occurring in the first place.

Ensuring Best Practice in WHS Across All Industries

Spire Safety delivers professional and tailor-made workplace health and safety services for all types of business Australia-wide.

Delivering Innovative Solutions for WHS Compliance

Rest easy knowing that your organisation is meeting its WHS compliance requirements with Spire Safety’s expert safety consultants.

WHS Training Programs for the Modern Workplace

Empower your staff to take charge of workplace safety with our suite of WHS training programs delivered by industry qualified experts.

Specialised Safety Advice for Diverse Clients

No matter the size or type of business, our WHS consultants have the experience and know-how to provide effective solutions that work.

What safety services do they provide in Maryborough?

Spire Safety Consultants and WHS consultation are a safety consulting and training company that provides a wide range of services to businesses in the Maryborough area.

Their services include WHS audits, consultations, training, and support. They also offer a range of online resources, including online health and safety courses.

Their team of qualified consultants has a wealth of experience in all aspects of health and safety and can provide expert advice on how to improve your business’s safety procedures.

They also offer a wide range of training courses, both online and in-person, which can help you and your employees learn about best practices for health and safety in the workplace.

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    Australia, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and various regional locations.

    Who needs their services in Maryborough?

    WHS safety consultants can be found in many different industries, but they are most commonly used in the construction and mining industries.

    They provide safety audits to help identify risks and hazards in the workplace. This allows employers to take steps to improve the safety of their employees.

    WHS consultants also offer training on how to safely work in hazardous environments.

    Anyone who needs WHS training or audits conducted in the workplace is in need of our services.

    Why is WHS important in the workplace?

    Workplace health and safety are important for several reasons. First, assessing risks in the workplace can help identify potential hazards before they cause harm. This is done through a variety of means such as job hazard analyses, safety audits, and incident investigations. Second, an effective OH&S management system can help control these identified hazards.

    This system includes policies and procedures that promote safe work practices and provide guidance on how to respond to incidents when they occur. Finally, having a designated safety manager or team can ensure that these systems are properly implemented and followed. This helps create a safer workplace for everyone involved.

    Work safety training Maryborough

    Workplace safety is extremely important for businesses and their employees. Work safety training helps to ensure that everyone in the workplace is aware of the potential risks and knows how to stay safe. There are a variety of workplace safety courses available, which can be tailored to the specific needs of any business.

    Workplace health and safety courses help employees to understand the importance of following safe work practices. These courses cover a range of topics, such as manual handling, fire safety, and electrical safety. By completing a workplace safety course, employees can make sure they are doing everything they can to stay safe at work.

    Businesses should consider investing in workplace safety training for their employees. This type of WHS and OHS training can help to reduce accidents and injuries in the workplace, and can also create a more positive culture within the company.

    WHS courses

    There are many WHS courses available to employees in Maryborough. These courses help workers to be more aware of potential hazards in their workplace and how to safely work around them.

    WHS training courses cover topics such as identifying hazards, controlling risks, and managing incidents. They also teach workers how to use personal protective equipment (PPE) correctly and safely. By completing a WHS course, workers can learn how to keep themselves and their colleagues safe at work.

    Some of these training courses for staff and employees include:

    We assess workplace risks

    Workplace risks are often overlooked or underestimated. Many businesses don’t have a plan in place to identify and assess risks. This can lead to serious accidents and injuries. This is where workplace risk assessments are a specific service related to the health and safety of all your employees and staff.

    A good safety WHS consultant can help you identify and assess workplace risks. They will also develop a plan to control or eliminate those risks. Training your employees on how to identify and control risks is also important.

    There are many different types of workplace risks, so it’s important to be thorough when assessing them. Some common workplace risks include slips, trips and falls, electrical hazards, manual handling injuries and chemical exposure.

    By identifying and assessment of workplace risks, you can create a safer environment for your employees. This will help reduce the number of accidents and injuries in your workplace.

    Health and safety consultants for Maryborough

    Workplace safety is imperative to the success of any business. By ensuring that risks are assessed and mitigated, businesses can create a safer environment for their employees, customers, and visitors. Our OHS consultants in Maryborough are a leading provider of workplace risk assessments and health and safety consultant services.

    We have a team of experienced consultants who are passionate about keeping people safe in the workplace. We offer a wide range of services including risk assessments, health and safety audits, training, and more. We also provide customised solutions to suit your specific needs.

    We provide assistance and professional services including:

    • Assessing risks in the workplace
    • OHS and WHS management systems
    • Safety managers
    • Training in OHS
    • WHS auditing
    • Safe work procedure
    • WHS consulting
    • WHS training programs and courses
    • And many more workplace safety services

    WHS Consultancy and Workplace Safety Training and Service Locations

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    We are Brisbane-based.

    We service clients Australia-wide and can travel to regional / remote locations.

    We can also perform many services offsite, including:

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