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Machine Guarding Training

The most serious injuries to the workplace are caused by accidents involving insufficient equipment or machine guarding.

Although technology has made it easier to use more effective guards, there are still horrific workplace accidents.

Machine guards that aren’t in place or aren’t used properly can cause people to be pulled into machines and have their limbs and bodies crushed.

This program covers all aspects of machine guarding safety. It is important that we all are familiar with them. This will make it easier for all workers to prevent injuries and accidents when using machinery and equipment.

The following topics are covered by this program:

  • Guards: Why are they used?
  • Mechanical hazards pose risks
  • Effective machine guarding requires certain requirements
  • Different types of guards and how they work

Because the regulations can be confusing, machine guarding is one of the most important OHS issues in Australia. Do not let confusion stop you from complying. This Machine Guarding Compliance Training Course will help you get it right. You will learn the best practices and procedures to keep you compliant and protect your employees.

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